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Flores ..

There are many reasons why a traveler makes this place as a favorite destination throughout Indonesia. Flores has all the world-class tourist attractions that seem inadequate if it should be enjoyed in just a short time.

If usually a tourist area can be satisfied enjoyed in 3-5hari, then to enjoy the nature of Flores from west to east seems to take 7-14 days. Even more.

Why ? Because every curve of this archipelago has an attraction that can not be missed. And the tour to the Flores region requires a fit body and extra energy, because the contours of the hot and savanna forest areas, as well as we will spend most of the time on board the ship (Live on Board).

So, I have several reasons that make Flores the least boring tourist destination to visit many times:

  1. Best View at Every Angle Shoot

Flores has hundreds of islands scattered neatly and adjacent. This causes the subsea contour to have the perfect color gradation for lovers of photography. How not, from the first day you bersailing trip, you will be presented views of ciamik islands from a distance.


Not to mention when the ship docked. You can browse the clean beaches and see the rustle of pearls on the calm of the sea because of the reflection of the sun. Best spot to capture images on the beach lips are at the Pink Beach and Namo Beach because of the color of the pink-red sand. Unique and different from most beach sands.


Continuing to the trekking experience. Best spot when trekking to the top of Gili Lawa and Pulau Padar. In the course of trekking will be found a lot of luxurious scenery that spoil the eyes to be your background photography. I guarantee you will never be satisfied to enjoy this extraordinary panoramic treat, unless you can not stand the heat of the sun which is indeed hot. The condensed savanna atmosphere adds to the elegance of the rare Flores world.



  1. Best Snorkling Experience at Underwater’s Flores

Not only the panoramic view over the sea will make you addicted to go back to Flores. With the contour of the archipelago, Flores has a collection of coral reefs that are presented with a variety of marine biota also diverse. Only by snorkeling you can see nemo fish neatly lined up and staring at you shyly. Believe me, you will be stunned to linger in the sea of Flores to play with the tame fish. Best spot: Satonda Island, Beach Pink, Namo Beach

Not only reefs and marine fish, in a location called Manta Point you can see Manta fish 3-8 meters wide just with the naked eye because they often swim up to sea level. Try to swim briefly together at Manta Point, then you will be shocked by dozens of Manta who come swim around you or even swim over your head !! An unforgettable experience anyway. However you should be careful while snorkeling at Manta Point because the current is strong enough.


Manta point is located near the diving location Taka Makassar. This location is touted as Manta Kingdom (Manta Kingdom) because it is the path of Manta habitat when looking for plankton in the daytime.



  1. Amazing Marine Life When You Dive

Diving in Flores becomes a must-go destination for underwater lovers who visit Flores. There are many dive equipment rentals near Labuan Bajo harbor. PADI and SSI have opened many courses in Labuan Bajo area. The best spots that we can dive during the islands of Flores are Adonara Island, Pig Island, Lambata Island, Pangah Balang and Wai Terang.


Flow in the Flores area is somewhat strong so it is recommended only certified divers who do diving in this area.


  1. The Dragon and Monster

Inilah yang menjadi icon utama kenapa anda harus ke Flores, khususnya ke Pulau Komodo dan Pulau Rinca. Karena dua pulau inilah satu-satunya tempat di dunia yang masih memiliki hewan peninggalan jaman purba, yaitu Komodo.


This is the main icon why you should go to Flores, especially to Komodo Island and Rinca Island. Because these two islands are the only place in the world that still has the ancient relics of animals, namely Komodo.


Komodo Island is the first largest island compared to Rinca Island, but has almost as many Komodo dragons. Komodo on Rinca Island is known to be more aggressive and easier to find than on Komodo Island.


If you want to meet this ancient animal, you will be invited trekking back by the Rangers there. There are several trekking track options that are divided by distance. Small-Medium-Long-Adventure Trekking to choose from during a tour at Komodo Island.


Small Trekking can be reached within 1 hour drive. While the Medium taken within 1.5-2 hours journey. Long Trekking is 4 hours away. All trekking options will bring us to Komodo native habitat in tropical forest and savannah.


Do not worry because the Rangers will accompany us during the trip and help us take the best photos if by chance we find dragons on the way. Never get out of the entourage because it will make it difficult for Rangers to keep an eye on our safety. Be careful, Komodo is very fond of prey alone because it allows them to attack.


Although Komodo dragon there look benign and sleepy, do not underestimate their attacks that can be sudden because of the Komodo pursuit of a master. Komodo run speed can reach 20km per hour. Komodo dragons are wild animals and cannibals. All Komodo dragons need not be painfully buried because in a short time can be a delicious meal for dragons are still alive.


Komodo dragons are bad, but their hearing and smell are very sharp. No need to wear a stinging perfume or scream because it will attract dragons attracted to our existence.


There are some important tips if you want to trekking to Komodo which can be reviewed HERE.


  1. Lost in Komodo, Back to Old Lifestyle

Of course it becomes an unforgettable and different experience for most travelers who stop over in Flores. Live on a boat and work there for days, seeing the yellowish islands from a distance that gives a rare panorama that makes us chuckle awe, learn life without a telecommunication signal that qualified so that it feels lost in the world, getting used to sleeping under the starlight and pounding the waves and the caress of the warm sea breeze, not to mention the sunrise atmosphere that spoil the eye when we wake up in the morning, making traveling to this region into its own memories.

As much as possible, keep your mobile phone out of your daily life in Flores (except for taking pictures) because it’s time you really take off the fatigue and enjoy the prototype of heaven that God created in the world. Enjoying every second of slow walking with a tremendous natural touch, will make anyone who ever come here will promise in his heart to come back here someday.

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